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R-50 Engine
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Availability In stock Price $549.95 (USD)
Displacement 3.2 cu in (52.2cc) Bore 1.704" (43.28mm)
Stroke 1.398" (35.5mm) Rated Horsepower


Reed Value 2 leaves Pyramid Carbide Cylinder Plating Plating nickel silicon
Weight 48oz (1.36kg) Weight with mount 50.9oz (1.45kg)
Spark Plug rear facing 10mm plug Ignition fully shielded electronic
Muffler Pitt Style 2 Chamber Prop Sizes 22X8, 22X10, 23X8, 24X8

Key Features:

  • Slimmest Profile Scales Nicely!
  • Longest Stroke
  • Reed Induction of two leaves pyramid!
  • Rear Intake
  • Rear Exhaust of 5.7hp!
  • Rear Spark Plug of 10mm!
  • Weight of only 48oz!
  • Cylinder Plating nickel silicon carbide!

The Revolution 50 RC gas engine has been designed with the noted features to provide the discriminating modeler with an engine that is extremely powerful, while providing a slim profile for those unique models with narrow cowls.

The long nose of the engine minimizes the unsightly exposure of the engine head resulting in a more desirable scale effect.

The long stroke provides pure brute power needed for the larger scale Propellers.

Rear induction, intake, spark plug and exhaust eliminates the need to have those traditional irritating holes in the cowl usually required by other engines for the carburetor, plug/wire and exhaust clearance.

Become a part of the revolution today!!!